Character design and drawing

Writing the character

Now you might think that drawing a character nicely and making it look cool is the most important part, I used to think so too but writing the character’s traits, backstory, and how he/she looks is way more important. Here’s an example, imagine the best graphic novel drawing of batman, now imagine him with a squeaky high pitched voice instead of his gruff distant one, imagine he was not scared of bats, but he found a suit in a dumpster and put it on, imagine he joined the police and he fights evil for money, now however cool the drawing maybe, he is still a shitty character, imagine sherlock holmes not being a sociopath, it’s just lame. So the most important part of a character design is a complete story of the character that is kind of relatable, believable, and most of all interesting.

Actually drawing the character

So now that we have covered the writing aspect, let’s get to drawing, the fun part(at least for me). Drawing covers a lot of aspects like facial features, facial expression, muscle anatomy, pose, proportions, clothing, wrinkles(in clothing and skin), accessories(you can find loads of tutorials to all of these on youtube). But generally, you don’t have to implement all of them in your characters, like if it is a cartoony character you won’t have to worry about proportions, muscle anatomy, and wrinkles. So if you implement them or not is completely dependent on your style.


There are a huge amount of styles, you can make your own, tweak someone else’s style, all in all, style is just how you draw, like if you give Picasso, and Jack Kirby, both a photo of a football player, they would both draw it very differently.

Cartoony style

Animation style

Anime/Manga style

Graphic novel style

Semi-realistic style

Photorealistic style

My Character: Achakshu

I got the idea of this character once when I was writing something in my notebook putting more character doodles on the page than letters, I kind of drew half mask or something and then the idea struck me, pushed the notebook aside and quickly made a 10-second sketch in my note so I wouldn’t forget the idea. Later I made a more refined digital sketch of the face, and then the whole body in my sketchbook. The idea of the character is, he is blind, he covers one eye with a half mask and the other with hair, He protects his forest by attacking poachers, woodcutters, or any threats to the forest. The original backstory I didn’t originally write anything much about him except for this, but when I showed the story to my older brother, he found a bunch of holes in it like why is he blind, how he can he attack people if he is blind, why does he protect the specific forest, etc. So I am currently in the process of writing backstories for him. One of them I wrote was about him living in a village when he was young, the village being burnt down by huge farming companies, Achakshu fleeing to another forest and swearing to protect it.




Hi! I am a 14-year-old open- learner who is crazy about characters, graphic novels, digital art, and illustration in general.

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Krishiv Dawda

Krishiv Dawda

Hi! I am a 14-year-old open- learner who is crazy about characters, graphic novels, digital art, and illustration in general.

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